Welcome to the Information Site of the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection for Company Registration. In this site you will find useful information about the procedure you have to undertake in order to register a new company. Information contained concerns all the main forms of companies, i.e. Public Limited Companies (Societes Anonymes), Limited Liability Companies, General Partnership or Limited Partnership companies. 

The aim of this site is to offer a thorough and structured briefing, beginning with the preconditions that have to be met by the investor in order to form a new enterprise of a particular type, and going through to the legalization of the new company.

The site also contains other complementary information that may prove useful to the investor, (e.g.  addresses and telephone numbers of the involved authorities), aiming at providing him with all relevant data, before he even gets into contact with the public administration.

You may  click with your mouse the link "ENTER" below, in order to enter the informational site. On the first pages you will find general information about the different types of enterprises and the legal prerequisites for their registration. Following, you can use the navigation system to tour the contents of the site, depending on your interests.


This web site has purely informational purposes, does not produce any legal effects and in no circumstance is it binding on the General Secretariat of Commerce and Consumer Protection, Its bodies and the bodies It supervises. Further, it does in no way affect the other Authorities and Bodies involved in the Company registration procedures, for which information is provided .

The information provided is as brief and complete as possible, but under no circumstances it can be regarded as exhaustive. For a more complete and reliable information any interested party should refer to the legislative text that are referenced (and possibly copied) in this web site, visit the web sites of the concerned bodies and authorities or contact them directly.